Jacob English Sheepskin Rug


Jacob English Sheepskin Rug

Premium Quality Natural Jacob Rare Breed British Sheepskin Rugs.


Identified by their thick, brown and white patchy coats, Jacob sheep are one of the oldest traditional rare breeds in the UK.

All of our British sheepskin rugs are A-Grade quality and ethically sourced by-products of the food industry. Some rugs are softer, come are more wirey, some are silky and short, some are fluffy and long but what they have in common is the quality.





Please note: Rug photographed will not be the rug which is sent to you. The nature of working with natural materials is that they are all unique.  Images are for example purposes only but the quality and style will be the same. Please call us for specific requests 07854889228. 


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To care for your sheepskin, mainly use a pet brush – the sort with metal teeth is best. This will get out any bits and keep the wool fluffy. The lanolin in the wool naturally repels dirt.

For a small spill, use baby wipes.

Another way to freshen it is to sprinkle with talc, rub it in and vacuum it out. Also, some dry cleaners are willing to clean sheepskins.

If you really need to wash your sheepskin (as a last resort), put it in the machine on a wool wash – low temperature, slow spin, mild non-bio detergent. Let it dry naturally without any heat at all, and brush it while the wool is wet. It may be a bit different from before, for example, slightly curly or wavy.


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