Reindeer Hides


Reindeer Hides

Reindeer hides are an eco-friendly and sustainable product, with the reindeer herders, originating from the Sami nomadic tribes of Scandinavia, sourcing their meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools from the animals.


The hides are mainly for decorative use: wall decoration or as a throw etc. They should be kept cool and away from pets, and do not like to be walked on. Stunningly effective over the back of the sofa or chair chair, or on the end of the bed.


No two are the same & the colours of the super-soft fur vary depending on a number of factors, including what time of year the Reindeer hides were produced; whiter in the winter, darker in the summer. Some are light and spotted, others a deep brown. White reindeer are extremely rare. Call 07854889228 to discuss your requirements and availability.


Our Scandinavian reindeer hides are sourced in Finland, while our Russian ones, with a more oval shape, have been herded on the lush pastures of Siberia, resulting in a beautifully soft pelt.


Colours vary and sizes vary slightly.
70-80 X 100-120 CM £185


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Care and cleaning

Avoid extreme heat. Avoid stepping on the hide, as the hair is hollow and rather brittle and can break easily. Do not allow animals to dig out the hair.


About once a year, use a standard vacuum cleaner with a wide hose attachment (or on the lowest setting) and gently clean from head to feet.


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