Grey Rattan Rectangular Storage – deep trays


Grey Rattan Rectangular Storage – deep trays


Three sizes are available in this set of popular rectangular grey rattan trays. (See also the Shallow Trays.) Dimensions are approximate, as the baskets are hand-made from a natural material. Shipping in the UK is possible, so give Tim a call on 07854889228 or use the contact form below to let him know your requirements.


Length: 34cm
Width: 24cm
Height: 18cm


Length: 40cm
Width: 30cm
Height: 22cm


Length: 45cm
Width: 35cm
Height: 24cm


Material: Rattan


Please Note: This product may have a 7-14 day delivery period. Deliveries outside the UK may incur additional delivery time and charges. Collection available from Cambridge/Bury St Edmunds. Call 07854889228 to enquire, or email


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